Toozey Dog Toy, a durable puppy toy


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GREAT PUPPY TOYS FOR YOUR DOGS – Toozey Dog Toy includes four squeaky toys (plush squirrel, pine cone) that are beneficial to your dog’s physical and mental health.
SAFE AND HIGH QUALITY – Toozey puppy toys are made from 100% natural multi-colored cotton and are healthy, non-toxic and completely safe for your pet. Please do not let your dogs swallow the stuffing of the toy.
Forget boredom – Toozey puppy toy relieves your pup’s gum pain and serves as a fun dog toy to forget boredom.
Best Puppy Teething Toy – Puppy teething toys allow dogs to floss while they chew and play. You can train your dog’s biting habits and help maintain dental health without expensive vet fees.
Small Dogs & Puppies – Toozey puppy toys are perfect for smaller breeds.


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