Pinplain Hamster Toy , 10 Pieces Hamster Toys


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【100% Natural Material】: Pet chew toy made of natural apple branches and high quality fodder grass.
【Molar Toys】: Molar sticks help grind their ever-growing teeth. They also provide a diversion and help prevent your pets from chewing up their crate and other furniture and wholeheartedly care for your favorite.
【Easy to clean and maintain】keep dry, wipe with a dry towel, keep away from water. Wooden blocks swell when exposed to water, do not wash To avoid moisture and mildew, store in a dry environment.
【Package includes】: A set of 10 hamster chew toys including hamster tunnel, pine cone, molar cube, long string, small hub, molar ring, swing and wooden chew stick. apple branch. The pleasure of playing, climbing and resting relieves boredom and increases activity levels.
【Suitable for Most Small Animals】This hamster toy set is suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, mice, degus, squirrels, dutch pigs, prairie dogs, degus, gerbils and other small animals.


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