10pcs Pssopp Aquarium Air Hose Connector , Right Angle Elbow


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Easy to Connect: Easy to connect air hose, simple operation, convenient to use. Help increase oxygen and keep air fresh, create a healthy environment for your fish.
【Fish Friendly】This plastic tube, unlike normal metal tube, will not rust in water. Suitable for people and fish, perfect for repairing or extending the air hose of aquariums.
Right Angle Bends: There are 10 right angle bends. The operation is simple and convenient, which makes it more efficient.
8mm Air Hose: The air line connector is suitable for 8mm air tube to connect with air stone or air pump. Great accessory for your aquarium hose, air pump, check valve, bubble stone connection.
Widely Used: Great for all your aquarium needs, safe for fish and good for fresh or salt water environments.


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